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The Sea Duck Joint Venture   
Plan Conjoint des Canards de Mer      

A Conservation Partnership under the  
North American Waterfowl Management Plan  

Sea Ducks are the least studied group of North America waterfowl. Problems with sea duck populations are widespread within the northern hemisphere and have become internationally recognized. Initial steps toward addressing these problems have been taken with the formation of a Sea Duck Joint Venture.


The mission of the Sea Duck Joint Venture is to promote conservation of North American sea ducks by providing greater knowledge and understanding to effectively manage sea ducks.

5th International Sea Duck Conference - Iceland

What is the Sea Duck Joint Venture?
The Sea Duck Joint Venture Prospectus (pdf):
An overview of sea duck issues and the purpose of the SDJV

SDJV Strategic Plan 2014-2018 (pdf)
Identifies information needs for sea ducks and describes general strategies to address those needs.

SDJV Implementation Plan 2013-2016 (pdf)
Defines current SDJV priorities, and identifies specific tasks, timelines, and responsibilities for addressing priorities.

Recommendations for Monitoring North American Sea Ducks (2007)

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